29 Oct
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HFL:CDM Win Pharmaceutical Contract

HFL:CDM has successfully bid on a contract with a major pharmaceutical company based in the South of England and will will take on the roles of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor in line with the 2015 CDM Regulations which came into force on April 6th.

The company will provide a highly qualified and experienced Principal Designer to carry out duties to ensure compliance with the regulations, minimising Health & Safety risks to contractors and staff at the client’s site.

Dave Green, HFL:CDM CDM Engineer, commented, “We’re delighted to have won this first long term contract for the new company although we are also providing CDM services to several organisations on shorter term projects. We’ve worked with this particular client for many years providing general process engineering services but will now be fulfilling the role of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor on many of the projects as stipulated in the new CDM regulations.”

“Health and safety is crucial to the process engineering sector and whilst the changes to the regulations initially caused some confusion, the industry as a whole is now seeing the benefits and we are experiencing an increase in new business enquiries as companies realize the serious implications of non-compliance.”

“Where we might differ from other providers of CDM services, is that we are not just professional H&S providers but rather bring real, practical experience of large complex construction projects which enables us to dramatically reduce risk for our clients via tried and tested lean management principles. There are many firms offering resources which explain the new regulations but we are one of the few that has real multi-discipline expertise and experience to enable us to offer almost a ‘one-stop shop’ to both the process and construction industries.”

For further details, please contact HFL:CDM on (0161) 304 5900 or by email to, wbaxter@hadenfreeman.com.

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